Isn’t it cute how God’s kids act sometimes?

Here we are, all brothers and sisters. All a part of the same family. The same body. Yet, many of us firmly believe God’s love for us is exclusive.

As if you could tell your son you love your daughter more than him. Or, as if you could love your arms more than your legs.

So, in honor of Pride Month (and in honor of God’s crazy love for all of us), I present to you, the Pride Jesus Line, available now in the Etsy shop.

This line includes tshirts, tank tops, mugs, and women’s crop tops. I’ll probably be adding this design to baseball shirts and hoodies as well. The design shows the Pride Rainbow Flag peaking through an Ichthys or more commonly known as “Jesus Fish.” When I created this design, I was thinking specifically of the gay and lesbian Christian community. It’s so sad that not all Christians are welcomed by other Christians. I know I’m not alone in this.

As with all of my designs, my hope is to bring about more love, more acceptance and more wellness to the world through my designs. We can’t fight hate with more hate. What do you think? Drop me a line or comment below!